“Hunted at Krooked River Ranch last week. Ordered Power Pleat to see how it worked. Man, did I get surprised. The first turkey was killed by the river afer a 200 yd. stalk. I have never been able to slip up on a turkey. There were 11 hens and a tom and I had about 200yds to cover to get close enough for a shot. Needless to say, it worked.

The second turkey was taken at 20 yds. and never knew I was there, neither did his two buddies. I am impressed with your product and will continue to use it after the results I had first time out. We’re going back to deer hunt in Oct. and I promise I won’t leave without my power pleat garments. Again thanks, for getting my gear to me in time for my trip and making a product that gives the hunter the upper hand.”

Carl Corley, Boyce, LA.