Testimonials for Power Pleat Technology …

“Can’t believe the difference! Nothing could see me”

“Power Pleat, I can see why you were voted best of show. This stuff is amazing!”

“I don’t know why someone didn’t come up with this sooner. It is the best stuff around. I blended right into the trees”

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3d camo

3 D Camo

No more powder puff camo for this killer.  When I rock the schlock its all Power Pleat 3 D Camo for this cat.

Nocking ’em down with the power of 3 D Camo in Minnesota.  I feel like Billy Mays when I wear this stuff!

Arcus Johnson

3 D Camo

“After a long day of hunting coulees in southern Alberta, I spotted this giant as I was making my way back to the truck. I was able to stalk within 35 yards wearing PowerPleat Technology’s newest  3 d camo pattern, Ground Swat. I now know this stuff works great!!! Thanks again!”

3 d camoTrever Sproule - Alberta Canada

“My dad has believed in Power Bark with Power Pleat 3 D Camo Technology. Now I’m a lifer.”

3 D CamoCraig Anderson's Son, Ty

“Power Pleat camo is the first camouflage that’s addressed the light refraction problems I had with other popular camo patterns. No matter what the HD pattern was, the fabric was still casting a two dimension glare during late morning and early afternoon hunts when the sun was on it. Power pleats blends much better with the color and the texture of the natural surrounding, and allows me to stay hidden in the shadows or in direct sun light.”

Roger Roan

I love Power Pleat, animals
seem to look right past you,
not at you.

Craig Anderson

“Hunted at Krooked River Ranch last week. Ordered Power Pleat to see how it worked. Man, did I get surprised. The first turkey was killed by the river afer a 200 yd. stalk. I have never been able to slip up on a turkey. There were 11 hens and a tom and I had about 200yds to cover to get close enough for a shot. Needless to say, it worked.

The second turkey was taken at 20 yds. and never knew I was there, neither did his two buddies. I am impressed with your product and will continue to use it after the results I had first time out. We’re going back to deer hunt in Oct. and I promise I won’t leave without my power pleat garments. Again thanks, for getting my gear to me in time for my trip and making a product that gives the hunter the upper hand.”

Carl Corley, Boyce, LA.
3 d camouflage

“I purchased my first power pleat camouflage this last April and attached is a photo of this fall’s results. Needless to say it won’t be my last purchase! Thank you for a great product!”

Tim Cattanach - Waupaca, WI

Wayne Burns with Outdoor Allstars
wears Power Pleat Clothing!

Matt Moore with


Scott with EP Adventures, Makers of the Reign Broadhead