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ABOUT Power Pleat Technology …

chen1Power Pleat Technology Incorporated is proud to present the Power Pleat Technology System. This advancement is the next evolutionary step in commercially available camouflage. Power Pleat is not a pattern, but a system, a patented process that enhances any camouflage print in existence. The true 3-D camouflage effect is achieved with sewn-in bar tacks approximately one-half inch deep. These pleats break up the human form and blend the wearer into the surroundings more effectively.

Power Pleat Garments…

Eliminate up to 85 percent of reflected light for an enhanced 3-D effect Minimizes noise and snagging by employing one-piece component garments (jacket, shirt and pants) without loose material Employ an average of 27 percent more material for additional warmth are pre-washed cotton/poly blend for comfort are subtle enough to be worn in public. are field tested all over the world by hunters for hunters. All This Equals The Most Effective Camo Clothing You Can Buy.



Tim Wells in New Zealand hunting red stag field testing his signature series Power Bark

Sewn-In Bar Tacks Create the Garment’s Texture


Tim Wells takes his giant South Texas boar with his newest sponsor Cold Steel using one of their lethal Sam Buru spears while field testing one of our coming soon new Spring Patterns

Lost CamoTM Available Only At Authorized MathewsTM Dealers